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Stallion Motorsports  
Drag  Shock  Install
Stuff Needed:

    A couple wrenches
    Vice grips
    Penetrating Oil (Recommended)
    Torque wrench with sockets

     1. Open up the hatch/trunk and look around the shock tower area for a little access door.

     2. Pull this door out of it's place and pull back the insulation underneath until you find a nut with threads coming out the top.

     3. Put a wrench on the nut and get a friend to hold a set of vice grips on the threads of the shock. You might want to get some GOOD penetrating oil as this is a real pain to break loose.

     4. Once the nut is off, crawl under the car and undo the bolt where the shock mounts to the rear end. Once you get that one out, remove the shock.

     5. Slip the top end of the shock up through the tower and put the nut on it. Don't tighten it yet because you might have to move it around to get the bottom side in.

     6. You will have to use the supplied spacers on the rear end side of the shock to make it fit tight (between the shock bushing and the brackets).

     7. Once you get this far you can torque down both bolts to stock specs and reinstall the panel in the trunk/hatch area.

Written by: Ian McNiven