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Stallion Motorsports  
Drag   Strut  Install
Stuff Needed:

    Couple Wrenches
    Socket Set
    Large piece of pipe
    Penetrating oil
    Source of heat (optional)
    Small hammer
    Large strong screwdriver (slotted)
    Impact gun (recommended)
    Good quality jack
    Coat hanger

     1. Place jack under the control arm and jack up the car.

     2. Remove the wheel. Remove the two bolts holding on the brake caliper. You will have to get a small hammer and tap the caliper and brake pads off the rotor. Hang the caliper with a coat hanger or place it on a jack stand.

     3. Be sure that the jack is securely positioned under the control arm before proceeding. The spring is under extreme tension and can cause a lot of damage if the jack slips.

     4. Remove the two large bolts holding the strut to the spindle. The spindle will now be able to move freely. You will need a large pipe and a good back to get these things off.

     5. Get a wrench (impact gun recommended) and something VERY strong with a slotted tip and loosen the top strut mount bolt. You will have a hell of a time with this unless you have an impact gun. You might have to use some penetrating oil or even a good source of heat to get it off. If worse comes to worse, break out your favorite cutting tool and go buck wild!

     6. Slip the top of the new strut through the top of the strut tower and install the nut, but don't tighten it.

     7. You will have to use the spacers that come supplied with the strut to make it sit properly when bolted to the spindle. It's easiest to slip them in when the strut is around the spindle. Once these are in, slip in the bolts.

     8. You can now tighten everything down, torque to everything according to original specs.

     9. Reinstall the caliper and bolt it back on.

     10. Put the wheel back on and go for a spin. Just don't try any high speed cornering.

Written by: Ian McNiven