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Fuel Shut-off  Switch (94-present)
    STOP thieves in their tracks! Here's an idea that will only take an hour or two of your afternoon. Right now all I can do is repost this but I will be doing an install of my own come spring. At that time I will post pics and a little more experience (hopefully).

Here we go!

     1) Make a note of the connector on your fuel pump inertia switch (located in the trunk on the driver's side). One wire is brown, the other wire is green with a yellow stripe. You will be splicing into this green/yellow wire in the passenger compartment.

     2) Pop off the plastic trim along the bottom of the door opening on the driver's side. The wiring harness runs under the carpet. Pull up the harness and tear off the plastic wrap to expose the wires.

     3) Now, look for the fuel pump wire (green/yellow stripe). MAKE SURE YOU FIND THE RIGHT ONE! There is one that looks similar (olive green/yellow stripe). You don't want that one.

     4) Once you've found the wire, it's just a matter of splicing in a switch. You can choose what type of switch you'd like to use and the location of the switch. You may want to hide the switch as a security device of mount it in plain view to impress your passenger! You can also use a relay. Here's the steps for this:

     a) cut the green/yellow striped wire

     b) wire both ends of the green/yellow wire to the 12V in and 12V out leads on the relay.

     c) connect about 5 ft. of wire (two leads, like speaker wire) to the coil side of the relay, noting which wire is connected to the relay's ground.

     d) snake this wire to your chosen location for the switch.

     e) connect the ground wire to a nearby bolt, making sure the bolt contacts the car body.

     f) connect the other wire to one connector on your switch.

     g) connect the other switch connector with a piece of wire, and route that wire to a 12V ignition source that is switched on when the key is in the ON position.


     When the switch is opened, the car will turn over but won't start. Flick the switch on, and you're off and running. This wiring was done to a 1995 Mustang but should work with all 94-98 Mustangs, maybe even newer ones.

Written by: Drewski