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Stallion Motorsports  
Maunal Fan Switch 94-95s
 Here's a mod that's quick and easy! Have the ability to run your fan manually at the flick of a switch inside the passenger compartment or just under the hood. Will help cool your motor between rounds at the track or any other time you might need it...

 If you would like to be able to run your fan from a switch in your cab there is a #17 wire (5th down on left) on a rectangular plug going into the left side of rad area(left from front of car). You "T" into this wire and run the wire to a ground. Put a switch in -line. When you ground it(switch on) the fan kicks in, BUT only if ignition is on. When you do not have
it grounded fan operates normally. This will help you cool down between runs at track.

James from Edmonton, AB.