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GT 40 Intake, TFS #1 Cam & AFR Head Install
  Here is an article written by James on the installation of a GT-40 intake, TFS #1 cam, and Cobra roller rockers on his 1995 GT. Click on any of the images to see them larger. Here's a link to James' car in the Rides section. Thanks for the article James!
  Notice the socket I have highlighted, this bolt was a pain! You will have to go and get a special tool to pull the power steering pulley off and put it back on (Do not hit it with a hammer!). If not, you will definitely strip this bolt like I did and it cost $7 from Ford. This bolt is one (1) of three (3) that holds the accessories bracket to the head.

Here's a pic before the tear down. Even the stock pulleys are on there!

 Getting down to the nitty gritty. Notice the foil covering the two (2) ends of the H-pipe and the distributor hole. This will save you a lot of headaches! No falling bolts will ever find there way into your exhaust or engine. Always cap off open holes and lines! Below, a close up the engine area with some old towels or rags. I dropped a lot of bolts and tools throughout this project, none of them ever went anywhere they  didn't belong (except the floor).

 The old cam is getting ready to come out. The A/C condenser must be moved to get the cam out and new one in. You can move it out of your way, but be gentle with it! You don't have to disconnect the lines on the A/C system or the power steering. Once unbolted just move to the side. One of the toughest things I came across was removing the factory gaskets from the water pump and timing cover. Man those stock gaskets were a pain! Head gaskets weren't that bad. If you use a razor blade and cut along the bottom of the timing cover where it meets the pan, you will be able to reuse the stock gasket instead of the end pieces that come with the new timing cover set. Although you will have to use a new front seal. Make sure to use a strong adhesive when putting the new front seal on the timing cover, or it will move out of place when installing it. Be sure to place rags in the oil pan while it's open. Old gasket material is bound to find it's way in there. Hopefully you've drained your oil by now.

Old cam is out! Hmmmmmmm, which intake should I use?

  Ahh, progress! The new AFRs are on with the 1.7 Cobra rockers. Torque the upper bolts to 70 ft. lbs. and make sure to use a moly lube on the threads. The lower bolts torque to 65 ft. lbs. and use a good thread sealer. These bolts pass through the coolant ports of the block. I used Permatex thread sealer. Installed a set of under drive pulleys while I was at it.  

 AAAARRRRGGGGG!! The rockers won't torque correctly. My factory push rods wound up being too short, 6.300" were the right ones. Look how pretty that lower intake looks, Ed did a great job! Painted the headers with some 1500*F  paint, even baked them, looks great here doesn't it? It lasted for a whole day. As you can see I have removed my smog equipment and that brass cap  is a 5/8" end cap that you can pick up at any hardware store. Want to remove your smog pump, click here to see the article!

  Also on an other note, if I was to do this all over again, I would end up cutting the two (2) metal coolant tubes. The ones that run along side the head. I would replace them with coolant hose. They wound up being a big pain in the butt if you have to remove your valve covers for adjustments later on.

Finally together! I know the distributor cover looks bluish green, but it's Ford blue (sun I guess). Anyone notice the engine compartment is black now? Decided to paint it! Got my homemade cold air on there too. Guess who sent me the info on how to make it. Yep Chris did. Click here to go to the article.

Written by: James