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Stallion Motorsports  
James' Dyno Page
   Welcome to James' Dyno Page! I thought that James would appreciate a separate page or all his dyno pics and results so here it is.

I have to say well done!! 300.7rwhp and 329.5rwtq!!!!

James' First Dyno Run vs. His Last (Red #1, Blue #5)
James's Second Dyno Run, He Hits 300rwhp mark!!!
James' second dyno run
James' first dyno run

Here's a few pics while James was at JMS Motorsports.
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Here's James in the center, Chris Johnson on the left, and Mr. Pete on the right
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Chris Johnson doing a dyno pull

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"Mustang on a Mission".

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"Mustang on a Mission 2".

"View From A Chevy!"