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Stallion Motorsports  
Ram  Air (87-93)
Ok, for the Ram Air, you need the following:

About three (3) feet of 3" flex hosing
One big black zip tie
A type of funnel end, my car had something on the end of the silencer, it worked great
Two (2) coarse wood screws
Some RTV sealant (preferably black)

     Here's how to do it: (assuming the air box is already out of the way)

     1) Remove the silencer and stretch the 3" hose the end

     2) Use the zip tie around the hose and tighten it to the silencer

     3) Feed the hose through the hole where the silencer bolts in

     4) Secure the silencer and put the air box back in place

     5) Go under the car and route the hose around the fender brace

     6) Pull the hose through the scoop and use RTV silicone to hold it in place

     7) Find a spot for the scoop and screw it on (I went through the ground effects)

     8) Take it for a rip!

     I could notice a difference with a paper filter in there. It really starts to pull harder at about 40km/h and all the way up, 4th gear is a lot stronger now. I have done this on my 88GT and my cousins 91GT with Mass Air, results were identical. You could have problems if the car is a LX or has no ground effects as this is where the hose is routed.

Written by: Ian McNiven