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Stallion Motorsports  
Rear  Seat  Removal (94-present)
     These removal notes should be good for all SN95 Mustangs. I will be performing this in the spring and will be fabricating my own "hole filler". You can come up with any way you'd like to cover the hole where your seat was. If you have a good idea or something that worked for you, drop me an e-mail with details and I'll update this or add one for Fox bodies.

     First thing to start with is the removal of the lower seat cushion. There are two (2) plastic latches holding this down about 10" in from the sides of the car. Use a long slot screwdriver. Lift the cushion out part way and then push the seat belts through the cushion and entirely remove.
The seat backs and frame come out as one piece. Remove the three (3) bolts holding the bottom on. There is one in the middle (probably covered by insulation), and one on either side. The next step is to lower the seat backs and remove the carpet. It is held to the seat back by two (2) plastic clips. There is a trim piece held to the seat frame by three (3) bolts. Remove these bolts and the trim piece. Underneath this piece there should be several bolts holding the top of the frame in place, remove these. You should now be able to remove the seat back and frame from the car. Add your own ideas for covering up that hole!

Written by: Chris Dyck