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Stallion Motorsports  
April 9th, 2002 - I haven't updated in awhile but I've been keeping busy working on a few projects for friends. I've added a sound clip of James' car at the bottom of his page, and added a tech article which is Patrick's version of my cold air intake. Check them out! The is also a new Mustang to grace this site belonging to Paul here in Winnipeg, Canada. Take a look at this nice Canary Yellow Stang!!

January 25th, 2002 - Sorry Nicky for not getting your car up any sooner! I've been kept pretty busy. It's up so all you take a look! It's a 95GT. Here's a quick link to it.

January 4th, 2002 - Chris sent me a couple of updated pics of his 95GT with the New Cobra R hood! You have to see the paint shine in these pics!! He has also told me that the motor is torn down and awaiting the cam/heads/etc... I'll post up all the updates as the build-up continues!! He was already pushing 344 rwhp and 377 rwtq!!! Click Here to take a Look!!
          - One more new addition, James in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada has sent me an article on how to wire your electric fan so that you have a manual override switch. Please take a look as it's a quick mod that might help you out a the track when trying to cool down!!

December 29th, 2001 - Had to add this nice little gas price watcher to the main page!! Found it and love it! There are a couple more pics with my new tires/rims still unpainted of my Ranger. Click the link in the Dec. 9th info. Also wanted to say Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Years. Drink it up!!!!

December 9th, 2001 - Rosecoe bought a 95GT w/ custom paint and all that! take a look HERE it's one beautiful car. Check out the specs on this one! Also I've added a couple of quick shots of my winter beater, an 86 Ford Ranger XLT 4x2. The only way you can view the pics is by clicking above. It's not a "page" here on Stallion Motorsports, just have them up to show a few guys what the beast looks like. You can see in the Ranger pics,  I missed putting my Stang away before the snow hit.
                                     - Just a note, I still have a bunch of tech to put up but I've been very busy including fixing up my new truck. They will get up sometime soon now that it is winter and I might have a bitmore time overJan-Feb to get them up. Thanks for your patience!

September 24th, 2001 - Chris's 95 GT is up in the US section of readers rides, take a look! Roscoes car will be up when I get a chance to complete it. How about some of you sending in some tech articles?? I haven't put anything new up there all year!!

September 19th, 2001 - There are two more additions to the Rides section which will be up VERY SOON!! Roscoe and Chris have send me their stuff and I'm working on their pages to get them up ASAP! Keep in touch everyone!

September 9th, 2001 - John has given the OK for his pics/write-up on his 95GTS so lick here to take a look!!

September 6th, 2001 - Just to let everyone know, I got into MM&FFS! Take a look in the Oct. issue (Snap Shots). I'm Canadian Chris!!! I'll be scanning in the pic/ write-up one of these days.... Also, there is a new addition to the Rides section that will be up in the next few days. John has a Jade Green 95GTS! and it's sweet! Keep in touch everyone, there's more coming up...

August 28th, 2001 - Brian's 92LX has been added! take a look at this show car which has just on "Best of Class" the the Fun Ford Weekend. Way to go! I'm putting my car away early this year.  I need to save some money and my insurance is due today. That means no more car.  Sad I know.

 August 23rd, 2001 - OK, I'll be adding another car ASAP to the rides section. This car is from Ontario and is a show car so keep taking a peek back here to see when the hell I'll get my ass in gear and get it up!!!!(I have the pics and it looks GREAT!) Kris' car is up and complete so take a look at this fellow Winnipeger's Stang in the Rides section or take the shortcut HERE! I also think I forgot to mention that I have added an Autometer 2 5/8" fuel press. guage to my cowl! I like it alot! Click and take a look at the guage and some more recent pics of my engine and car!

August 14th, 2001 - I have had a chance to add Kris's Mustang who is from Winnipeg. Not all the details are up, since I still need a bit of info from him. As soon as I get it I will finish up his page and let everyone take a LOOK! I'll also be trying to get some more recent pics of everyones rides and an update on their specs. Look forward to that. One last note, Darren's 92LX was rear-ended and is now written off. Until he finds a new ride I will leave up  his pics so look next spring to see what his new Mustang will look like!

August 11th, 2001 - Just to let everyone know, James has changed his gears from 3.55 to 4.10. HE SAYS IT PULLS HARD! Also, another car will be added as soon as I have time. This car is from Winnipeg, Canada! Keep checking back for some new updates as work on my car is ALMOST finished!

June 26th, 2001 - Please take a look at James' page, I've added a couple more pics and you can now click on his pics in the dyno page to see them large. There's a couple new interior pics aswell. My car is finally up and running so I'll try to give it a wax and detail ASAP and snap some new pics. Can't wait to get to the track soon, but i have to let the motor break in first!

 June 18th, 2001 - I have changed James's Dynop stuff around. I now hav some pics of him at JMS and both his dyno graphs from his runs. Check them out here!!! James's Dyno Page

 June 1st, 2001 - I know it's been a long time since the last update but it's been busy!! I have just finished off the install of my heads/cam/intake and all the other important stuff that goes along with it! Articles and pics will be coming up soon. More than likely I'll divide all that I have done into separate articles instead of just one long one. That way it will be easier for everyone to find what they are looking for.
                         - James has also sent me a dyno graph from his trip up to JMS! I won't tell you what he made here so take a look for yourself! You WILL be surprised!! He will also be sending me pics of the dyno session which I'll add into his personal ride section aswell.
                        - I've also updated my mods list to relect the changes I've made over the last month or so. Take a look.
                         - I'm still looking for more articles and rides from you so drop me some info and pics!!!! .......Later,   Chris

Mar. 5th, 2001 - In addition to James' car being added he has also supplied me with a tech article that he has written about the installation of his GT-40 intake, TFS cam, and AFR 165s! I know everyone will want to take a peek at this one! Just click here or go to the Tech section and find it. I've also added enlarged pics of the ones in the shifter installation article. The Tech page might look a little differrent because too many articles were getting hidden!

Feb. 18th, 2001 - Ok, James you car's up and finished! Hope you like!! Everyone else take a look! James' 1995GT

Feb. 15th, 2001 - Ok, you'll probably noticed that it's been awhile since my last update and that's because I had computer trouble. Finally got it sorted out and here we go! James's car pics and parts list is almost finished and I can now start preparing his write-up for that tech article. Sorry James, I know I promised it would be up a lot earlier! I've also fixed a few titles that were screwed and crap like that. Remember, I'm always looking to add articles and rides to my site so hopefully a few more of you guys in the states will send me your pics! It's starting to look a little off balance! That's all I have time for now, until later.

Jan. 15th, 2001 - Well everyone, HAPPY NEW YEAR! My first update of the year year is small. Just updated my furture mods a little to reflect what changes I've made. I've also deleted the sound clip from the main page. I hope none of you mind. If you want it back up, I can do it. I have received pics and write up for James's 95GT and for the tech article he has written about the new GT40 intake, AFR165's, Trick Flow cam etc.he put on his car over Christmas and NewYears. I'll try to post it up ASAP!

Dec. 28th, 2000 - I have finally finished my article "Cold Air Induction (94-95GT)"!!!!!!! I have the pics up too. Take a look and let me know what you think. Thanks for stopping by...

Dec. 20th, 2000 - Please take note of this correction, James's Mustang is a 1995GT, not a 1994. Sorry about that James. By the way James is making progress on the install "cam, intake, etc." tech article that will be posted in the Tech section as soon as he is done. Looks like it may be another couple of weeks or so so keep checking back!

Dec. 10th, 2000 - Just finished up Gary's pics (Gary's 95GT) take a look! Forgot to mention last time that the cold air induction article in the Tech section will be up by Christmas
Dec. 9th, 2000 - Well, obviously this section is new. I needed to add a way to let all you out there what has changed since your last visit. In the works right now are a few new rides from the US as well as an article for the Tech section for installing heads, intake, etc. Pics are going to be included and it should be up by early Jan, 2001 at the latest. Mike (Mike's 92LX in the rides section) is working on a write-up for his car. He says it should be done at any time. I'll put it up as soon as I get my hands on it! I've also added a new car to the Rides section. Welcome Garret with his 94 supercharged V6! I'll also try to get as many links as I can on my links page. I know they aren't all working and I have alot to add. Let me know if you have some you'd like to add or if you have your own site that you want me to link! Well this is it for now!